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For the Love of Great Tasty Food

Whether a fancy gourmand or a casual foodie eating is a life experience. Because food matters and good food matters more. I believe in the power of sharing dining experiences with the loved ones. Hence I cater. Indulging dishes sprinkled baked through or sauteed in love salted with passion and hand-crafted through magic tips I received from my great Grandma. Why Pirosmani? As the Georgian painter whose subject of inspiration was victorious food.

*About me*

I am Linda, born in Georgia living in London. I have two passions in life. My sons and cooking. They are perfectionists and trust me and adore my food. At Pirosmani we deliver the joys of Russian Georgian and European cuisine encrypted in a variety of recipes. They speak out generations of bespoke food culture and supra eating. Whether for eight or eighty the catering service offers smart execution, customised touch and intimacy. Private parties business lunches birthdays engagements christenings are all places we complete with haunting menus and a variety of flavours. Craving for some extra elegance and notorious taste-journey. It is some clicks away. Fast and soul-less food is wrong. We put it right.